Good Time in Najera

Walked another 18+ mikes today. My feet are DOA. We finally found a place to stay. The hotel clerk brought up up a nice cold bottle of wine on the house. We went down to the bars along the river to have a beer. A gal asked if we were walking the camino, we said yes and she sat down. Next another gal walls up and they know each other and she sits down. A couple minutes later another gal comes by. Well Henry and I are more than happy to talk to these nice ladies. Hosanna from Braziimagel, Linda USA imageliving Mexico and Jennie from Grass Valley, Ca.


  1. Bill Wickliffe

    Howdy Senior… Looks like yer having the time of your life. How many more miles you got on them DOA feets.

    Like Jerry sez… Keep on Truckin’


  2. Bill Fergusson

    You guys look to be in pretty good shape considering all the miles you are putting in. Please tell Henry his blog came down. I can’t find it now.


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